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Articles related to the 90mm f/2.8 and 90mm f/2.8 (LS) lenses

Lens: 90mm f/2.8

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Lens: 90mm f/2.8 with leaf shutter (LS)

To solve the problem of low-speed flash sync Pentax soon manufactured the lens with a leaf shutter. It made fast flash syncs possible and allows for a lot of control in lighted situations. The built-in leaf shutter can be decativated… Continue Reading →

Accessory: Pentax 67 lens hoods for 45-200mm lenses

Since Takumar name was abandoned Pentax had changed lineup of hoods too. The models and names became unified with 35mm and 645 systems. So, Pentax 67 lens hoods come in round and square shapes. But there are some lenses that… Continue Reading →

Accessory: Takumar 6X7 lens hoods for 55-150mm lenses

Lens hoods named “Takumar 6X7” came in square shape only. They are available in the two different mounts: bayonet filters mount and screw-in mount. Originally Pentax produced only bayonet mount hoods for the each focal length. So, different hoods for… Continue Reading →

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