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Lens: 165mm f/2.8

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Technical details, bokeh examples, experience...

Lens: 105mm f/2.4

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Technical details, bokeh examples, experience...

Lens: 90mm f/2.8

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Pentax 220 prototype and preproduction Pentax 6X7 cameras

Prototype camera The prototype was initially presented on Photokina October 1966 as Pentax 220. It was not an actual sample but dummy. Some magazines presented the new camera in november 1966. By official catalog data the camera should be 6X7… Continue Reading →

Bokeh: 135mm f/4 Macro

Selection of the images that demonstrates bokeh of 135mm f/4 Macro macro lens.

Image © jimy 40 (5760×4453 px)

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Lens: 135mm f/4 Macro

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Images: 45mm f/4

by Pavel Chabanets


This is selection of images being made by Flickr member Pavel Chabanets using 45mm f/4 lens on various color films. All images are clickable and directing to the high resolution samples.

Image © Pavel Chabanets

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Lens: 45mm f/4

This lens is the widest rectilinear lens available for Pentax 6X7/67 system with the angle of coverage and perspective of 22mm lens on a 35mm camera. It is much smaller, lighter and more compact than any of the 55mm. This… Continue Reading →

Images: 300mm f/4

Here is the selection of images being made using 300mm f/4 lens on Lucky SHD 100 film developed in D-76 dilution 1+3.

Image © Sasha Krasnov

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Lens: 300mm f/4

The lens is not so big and heavy as usually saying about it. Handheld is really possible but the fastest shutter speeds should be used. The tipical speeds for handheld shooting with this lens are 1/500 and 1/1000. Otherwise, a… Continue Reading →

Lens: 90mm f/2.8 with leaf shutter (LS)

To solve the problem of low-speed flash sync Pentax soon manufactured the lens with a leaf shutter. It made fast flash syncs possible and allows for a lot of control in lighted situations. The built-in leaf shutter can be decativated… Continue Reading →

Bokeh: 55mm f/3.5

Another selection of images that demonstrates bokeh of 55mm f/3.5 wide-angle lens.

Image © drive-by

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Images: 55mm f/3.5

Here is the selection of images that made using 55mm f/3.5 wide-angle lens.

Image © endworker

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Lens: 55mm f/3.5

This lens is the fastest of 55mm wide-angle lenses made for the Pentax 6X7/67 system. It is big and bulky but still a good performer. It is also bright in the viewfinder, sharp even wide open and keeps lines straight…. Continue Reading →

Lens: 35mm f/4.5 Fisheye

This is the widest lens for Pentax 6X7/67 system. It covers 180° field of view having special distortion effect herewith. The Fisheye lens has no any filter thread. But it has built-in filters instead: UV, Y2, O2 and R2. They… Continue Reading →

Accessory: Pentax 67 lens hoods for 45-200mm lenses

Since Takumar name was abandoned Pentax had changed lineup of hoods too. The models and names became unified with 35mm and 645 systems. So, Pentax 67 lens hoods come in round and square shapes. But there are some lenses that… Continue Reading →

Accessory: Takumar 6X7 lens hoods for 55-150mm lenses

Lens hoods named “Takumar 6X7” came in square shape only. They are available in the two different mounts: bayonet filters mount and screw-in mount. Originally Pentax produced only bayonet mount hoods for the each focal length. So, different hoods for… Continue Reading →

Accessory: Pentax adapter K for 6X7 lens

The 6X7 adapter K is designed to allow the mounting of 6X7/67 lenses on the Pentax K-mount 35mm SLR cameras. Even with this adapter, focusing is possible from the closest distance to infinity. One end of the Adapter has a… Continue Reading →

Accessory: Gelatin filter frames

There are three different frames available depending on filter size: 67mm, 82mm and 100mm…

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The earliest Pentax 6X7

The earliest Pentax 6X7 was produced in 1969-1971. These cameras have some differences with the next cameras produced in 1971-1976. So, the earliest cameras have pan head screws (not Philips), round spring loaded locking lugs underneath. Some differences disappiared gradually… Continue Reading →

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