The 6X7 adapter K is designed to allow the mounting of 6X7/67 lenses on the Pentax K-mount 35mm SLR cameras. Even with this adapter, focusing is possible from the closest distance to infinity.

One end of the Adapter has a dual bayonet mount similar to that on the Pentax 6X7, 67 and 67II cameras. Lenses of 400mm, 600mm, 800mm and 1000mm focal lenght are mounted on the outer bayonet mount. Other lenses are mounted in the internal bayonet mount.

The adapter has the special clamp to switch easily between vertical and horizontal positioning while using lense with its own tripod mount. The clamp easily noticeable on the middle image. On the left image 6X7/67 lens release button can be seen at the bottom.

By using the adapter, the automatic diaphragm and full-aperture metering function are eliminated. Set the preview lever of the lens at “AUTO” position for focusing and then set the lever to “MAN.” position for stopped-down aperture metering. When using a lens with the outer bayonet mount which has a click-stop aperture, open the aperture fully for focusing and then stop down the aperture to you desired value.